How to create good clip arts?

We strongly believe that hand-rendering skills and tools supercede most software fluency. Chances are, an unskilled Adobe suite user who can hand-produce the various comps is still capable of rigging some sort of solution to an image requirement. On the other hand, someone familiar with all of the toolbars and doohickeys is going to have on hell of a time generating an image. By and large, most digital tools are editors and compositors, not rendering tools.

Using a wacom tablet through photoshop, illustrator, or some other sketch tool, is the notable exception: this method should still be an early stage in the workflow.

Even youngins who like to think they process thoughts digitally or using digital tools have a noticeably slow and clunky time generating ideas in a program rather than in thumbnails and roughs, in our experience. Some of them jump straight to digital comps and finals, and produce pretty shoddy work.

Software is only a tool. Design starts with eyes, taste, critical judgment, and a good understanding of why every single element in a project needs to be there in the first place. Just because you use design software does not make you a designer. You don’t need to learn software, you need to learn how to design and/or draw. Once you do that, you can create any kind of digital artwork you want. You may even end up developing a style of your own which you like better than this.